About Me

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Meleah Lyden is a multimedia journalist with experience in radio, tv and print/online writing. Her experience includes reporting state news for Fresh Take Florida where her work has been published by The Associated Press, U.S. News & World Report, the Miami Herald, the Orlando Sentinel and more. She has also been involved in podcasting. For instance, she reported and produced an episode for the podcast 4 days, 5 murders, which was about how the 1990 murders that happened in Gainesville affected the town and people for years to come. Her other work includes reporting for WUFT News and writing at The Independent Florida Alligator. She knows how to create short documentary videos for web, traditional VOSOTs and PKGs, create radio pieces and write in-depth articles. In addition to her journalism experience, Meleah is a telecommunication major at the University of Florida. Overall, Meleah believes connection is key when it comes to reporting. She loves hearing others' stories and sharing them. Her career goals are to connect humanity through storytelling, amplify voices, inform the public and more. Meleah doesn't care what the platform is as long as she has the chance to achieve these goals. She's always open to conversation, so feel free to contact her at meleahlyden@gmail.com.