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A living history: Reenactor fills the gap of Black Seminole legacy in Florida

Lincoln High School has an important history and this part of the Gainesville community is fighting to remember it

Former UF student accused in terror case attempts to convert judge to Islam

Gainesville High School student advocates to reduce teen violence

Recovering routine: A family's fight for normalcy

Florida Governor Proposed Protecting College Students’ Right To Party. What Happened?

New Way Of Living: Florida College Students Reflect On Anniversary Of Pandemic Campus Shutdown

Florida County With History Of Selecting Winning Presidents To See Whether Streak Continues

Meet The Elderly Republican Voter Whose Ballots Florida Rejected More Than Anyone’s

Partying During Pandemic: Florida College Students Complain About Classmates Packing Bars, Parties

A sister's dream came true in the worst possible way

The victims' stories haunt a young reporter: 'They were like me'

‘It’s not a resource that runs on its own’: Hunger pangs felt throughout campus

81-Year-Old Archer Native Voluntarily Maintains Historically Black Bethlehem Methodist Episcopal Cemetery

'It's a Double-edged Sword': Central Florida Ranks No. 2 on Human Trafficking Reports

Its location is out of this world: The story of UF’s moon tree

UF student wins first runner-up at Miss Florida pageant

'College isn't the endgame': Advice from UF's Gen Ed. professors

UF and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation to help endangered Florida panthers

Florida Superfan Mr. Two Bits Dies

UF Shands Hospital receives C for hospital safety

UF celebrates U.S. landing on the moon

UF research learns how student volunteers affect Gainesville

Fitness, citrus and health: UF research round-up

Pianists perform in UF Health Shands Hospital

UF prepares for hurricane season

Josh Peck to speak at UF

U.S. Department of Commerce invests in Santa Fe

New scholarship to aid thirty UF first-generation students

UF Hitchcock Field & Fork Pantry expands

UF evaluating use of new SAT “adversity score”

Florida ranked no. 1 in higher education

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